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SIGTAX is a leading company incorporation and corporate service provider in the Czech Republic and 13 other countries. Our unique approach coupled with specialized industry knowledge and global reach enable us to anticipate the needs of our clients and provide distinctive, lasting and substantial solutions. 


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Exciting, rewarding, daunting, expensive - these are all words that come to your mind when you think of starting a company in the Czech Republic. SIGTAX is here to give you all the guidance needed to get it right the first time. Our experience in managing the company formation needs of international clients is second to none. Our team comprises highly experienced local experts, well-equipped with the right knowledge and resources to handle all the bureaucratic and legal hurdles you might encounter when starting a business in Czech Republic.


Reach out to SIGTAX Česká to make your business endeavours in Czech Republic as simple, quick and easy as possible.


Taxation for Czech Companies

The Czech business landscape is highly regulated and all Czech companies are mandated to closely follow the rules and regulations on taxation. At present, the standard corporate income tax is 19%. Investment funds have a special tax rate of 5% and for pension funds the rate is 0%. A 15% tax can be levied on dividend income of Czech tax resident entities from non-resident entities.



Types of companies incorporated in the Czech Republic

In a General Partnership, two or more persons conduct business under the same business name and they are liable for the joint and several liabilities of the partnership with all their property. In the Czech Republic, there is no fixed minimum registered capital or minimal contribution.
In this case, one group of the partners(general partners) is liable for the partnership’s liabilities with their entire property and the other group(limited partners) are only liable for the partnership’s liabilities up to the amount of their contributed capital. Initially, the amount of capital contributed by limited partners should be decided in the Articles of Association.
This is the most preferred company form in the Czech Republic. This type of entity can be formed either by one person, a natural or legal person or by two or more persons (there is no fixed maximum number of persons).
The Business Corporations Act states that each shareholder should contribute at least CZK 1. While the minimum registered capital is not set in the legislation, it is derived from the amount of minimum contribution of a shareholder. Thus for a Limited Liability Company with one shareholder, the minimum registered capital is CZK 1


In the Czech Republic, the minimum registered capital required to form a joint-stock company is CZK 2,000,000 or EUR 80,000. Upon incorporation, at least 30 % of this amount should be available in cash. The company can be formed by at least two founders or a sole shareholder provided that the sole founder is a legal entity. The liability of the partnership to the shareholders is limited to the ownership of shares.


A cooperative in the Czech Republic should have at least 3 members. According to the Business Corporations Act, there is no set out fixed amount of minimum registered capital or minimum contribution required.


This recent entity applies to organizations that carry out a business activity that is not limited to satisfying purely local needs. The goal is to allow these companies to carry out the reorganization of their business on a Community-scale, facilitating the creation and management of companies with a European dimension. Such an entity is free from obstacles arising from disparity and limited territorial application of national company law. 

This applies to foreign companies already established in other countries but wants to operate in the Czech Republic. In this case, they have to register the branch with the Czech Commercial Register. There is no minimum registered capital or contribution is required.


An “ECS” can be formed by at least 5 natural persons or legal entities. Of these 5 individuals, at least two of them must be residents (or governed by the laws) of at least two different EU Member States. The minimum registered capital required is EUR 30,000: and a reserve fund in the amount of at least EUR 30,000 must be created.


Mostly referred to as "EHZA" or "grouping," this entity can be established by at least two companies (or specified natural persons or a combination), who have their central administration in different Member States or of which the first has its central administration in one Member State and the second carries on its principal activity in another Member State.

SIGTAX is committed to providing statutory and regulatory audits of the highest standard in the Czech Republic. We treat every client as an individual and take the time to fully understand each client’s business and the risks they are facing. It’s our goal to provide transparency and help stakeholders stay current with the financial status of the organization.

We help our clients with:

  • Regular audits and reviews of individual and/or consolidated financial statements in accordance with the Czech GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Audit or review under the Auditing Standards of the Czech Chamber of Auditors (ASCCA)
  • Limited audits, ordinary audits or revisions
  • Revisions in order for capital increases or reductions and business start-ups
  • Compliance by company law for capital changes
  • Tests after the merger law in restructuring
  • Compliance for money laundering law

With SIGTAX, you’ll get both quality and cost-efficient audit services in the same basket. Get in touch!


Steps for company formation in the Czech Republic

  • Prepare shareholder's documents.
  • Opening a corporate bank account with a Czech bank
  • Depositing the share capital
  • Receiving the capital certificate from the Czech bank
  • Setting up a registered office in Czech
  • Applying for business registration—all the documents are signed by a Czech notary and submitted to the relevant authorities 
  • Receiving the registration certificate
  • Commence operations

Why should you open a company in the Czech Republic?

  • Most strategic geographical location(Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia)
  • The annual company tax in the country is relatively low compared to other European countries..

  • The CzechRepublic provides a large highly-qualified and skilled workforce
  • Low labour cost
  • Low inflation rate

Company formation in

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